12•12•12 – Big Picture Brain Dump

| December 12, 2012

Twelve ~ Twelve ~ Twelve

Big Picture Brain Dump

During the past several weeks, this website, with it’s huge list of sub-categories, has turned into a major brain dump for me.

I honestly had no idea when I first decided to create the site that it would turn out this way. It’s as if it has taken on a life of its own, and has captivated me to focus on organizing, ordering and cataloging a diverse, yet intricately interrelated set of puzzle pieces into a more cohesive map delineating a wide variety of interconnected and interdependent issues, ideas and perspectives

It feels as if the hundreds of categories and sub-categories have been compiled to serve as a framework upon which to paint a vivid word picture of some of the most serious, important and affective issues impacting human health and consciousness evolution on the planet today.

Whatever interests of yours have brought you here, my hope is that you find information that speaks to you, and also that you discover even more ideas, insights and/or related subject matter that compels you to research, explore and learn even more, and to expand your conscious awareness.

Further, my hope is that as you peruse through the expandable category tree on the lower right hand side of your screen, you’ll see things that you’ve heard of or thought about before, but that you never really connected or put into context the way they have been here, and that seeing them compiled and collated in this way helps to put things into better perspective for you.

This site for me, in a very big way, has become all about connecting the dots to illustrate the Big Picture of what’s happening with humanity in this day and age on planet earth.

It’s been incredibly gratifying for me to have the opportunity to take a good deal of the massive amounts of data that have been building in my mind for years, and to formulate this information in a way that is hopefully elucidating and illuminating for others to read and understand as comprehensibly as possible.

Thank you very much for taking the time to visit my corner of the net! Please check back often, as this is a work in progress.


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