Underlying Energetic Causes of Disease

| December 10, 2012


Underlying Energetic Causes of Disease

All chronic dis-ease that arises in our bodies is due to an underlying imbalance within our physical, emotional, mental and/or spiritual fields.

Just as there are perpetual shiftings here on earth from summer to winter, from day to night, and from high tide to low tide, so are there inherent cycles, rhythms and tidal ebbs and flows that are happening within us all the time, and which are all a part of what creates and maintains our internal state of balance.

But when there is a disruption of the natural ebbing and flowing of the energetic and physical elements that foster our inherent inner synergetic balance, or homeostasis, and when such a disturbance goes on for any length of time, this sets the stage for the onset of chronic disease.

Perturbations of our internal homeostasis are created by physical, physiological and energetic congestion, stagnation and blockages that occur within our biological, biochemical and auric bodies.

Over time, this imbalance can affect us on various different levels.

Often the course of vital waters that flow through the body, such as blood, lymph, hormones, interstitial, synovial and cerebral spinal fluids, becomes torpid, hindered or otherwise impeded. The pathways of elimination, particularly the liver, kidneys, colon, lungs, lymph nodes and sinuses, may become sluggish or clogged. In addition, there may also be physical, emotional and/or psychological wounding or scarring that obstructs flow within the body.

All of this affects the ability of vital energy, or chi, to stream through the subtle currents of the body. And in places where the movement of chi becomes constricted or obstructed, a sort of energy cyst or damming may occur. When imbalances go on within us for any length of time, energy may become stuck behind these cysts in stagnant eddies, while there may be corresponding places ‘downstream’ from such dams where little energy whatsoever flows, due to the stricture created by these blockages.

The interruption of internal balance, and the disruption of the flow of pranic and physical streams through our systems, are the precursors of chronic disease.

Since our body is in reality a microcosmic body of water which is made up of a myriad of flowing rivers, any torpidity that exists within us for any length of time can eventually become like a stagnant, fetid swamp. Nature’s cleanup crew is naturally drawn to such places, and in our bodies this translates into a growing proliferation of things like bacteria, fungi, yeasts, parasites and other pathogens, all of which will begin to accumulate in an effort to restore our innate internal balance by helping to clean up the mess.

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