| December 17, 2012


My perception of the harrowing, devastating and unfathomable occurrence last week in Newtown CT, where the lives of so many adults and innocent children were taken so violently in a matter of moments by a madman, is that it is nothing short of a blaring alarm.

Yet another in a growing and deeply disturbing series of similarly tragic occurrences, this event, which impaled our hearts so and was especially painful due to the tender age of so many of the victims, should by all rights serve as a glaring wake up call to us all that something is terribly out of order within our culture.

The response and solution being put forth by the political authorities is tighter gun control regulations.

The problem with this idea is that restricting the public’s access to firearms does nothing to truly address the real, underlying root causes behind these disturbing and increasingly frequent deadly mass shootings we’ve witnessed in recent decades.

Such massacres are powerful and ominous symptoms of some deep dis-eases and dysfunctions plaguing our civilization on myriad levels – from the physical, to the emotional, to the psychological, to the spiritual. Due to the depth and breadth of these issues, unfortunately it seems that ramping up efforts toward gun control is neither a viable nor particularly effective solution to the situation.

Using gun control to solve this problem is in some respects akin to trying to treat chronic illness with pharmaceuticals, in that they’re both attempts to superficially mitigate the symptoms of deep underlying causal factors, while doing nothing whatsoever to actually address and resolve these core issues so as to heal them once and for all.

What’s really needed is a massive raising of consciousness – from our awareness as conscious procreators of new life, to the quality of the food we feed ourselves and our children, to the ways in which we care for our bodies and our health, and the connections we make both between ourselves and other people in our families and communities, and the connectivity forged between ourselves and our own deep, inner transcendent divinity.

These kinds of mad, mindless murders are a symptom of a civilization that has lost its way due to a profound collective lack of consciousness. And what they’re really telling us is that it’s time for us to wake up.

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