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Since I chose the word ‘purify’ to use in the title of my book on detoxification, I’ve done some contemplation and investigation into the meaning of the word purification, and have given much thought to how it may apply to we humans as we journey through this life.

It seems that for a very long time there have been dedicated places on earth where people have traditionally gone to purify themselves. Such places include temples, ashrams, monasteries and other retreats devoted to cloister and disengagement from the business and busy-ness of everyday life.

Other places where people go to purify themselves include destinations such as hot springs and soaks, sweat lodges, spas, secluded retreats deep in nature, and for the most hardy and dedicated, even mountain caves.

In at least one sense, on an energetic or spiritual level, purification is about becoming unfettered and liberated from that which binds us, or which impedes our progress along the path of consciousness evolution.

In another, more physical sense, purifying oneself involves the cleansing and purging the body of tangible, potentially harmful things such as toxins, pathogens, wastes and other noxious or poisonous substances

Either way for most all of us, pursuing paths that lead to purification serves as a very beneficial endeavor.

And in this day and age, where there are thousands upon thousands of industrial pollutants that never even existed prior to a century or two ago, and where the planet’s aethers are fairly roaring with a cacophony of synthetic electromagnetic frequencies, being proactive about detoxifying and purifying ourselves is more valuable and important than ever.

Purification helps to:

• Facilitate of the Movement of Energy

• Remove Stagnation, Congestion, Torpidity, and Blockages

• Purge

• Cleanse

• Detoxify

• Clear

• Clarify

• Attune

• Uplift and Refine our Level of Consciousness

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