Author of Detoxification: 70 Ways to Cleanse, Clear and Purify Your Body, Space and Life and Myco Adaptogens: An Introduction to Medicinal Mushrooms, Linda Zurich’s great passion is learning and sharing about the most effective holistic approaches to healing and wellness.

An avid independent researcher, writer, speaker, foodie, herbalist, gardener, animal lover and ponderer of deep thoughts, Linda considers herself to be a perpetual student. She aspires to seek truth, to raise her consciousness, and to awaken – and to inspire truth-seeking, consciousness raising, and awakening in others.

Linda is dedicated to empowering people with the understanding that our bodies are imbued with a profound healing intelligence, and is devoted to broadening as well as sharing her ever evolving knowledge of the most natural and efficacious methods through which we may activate that innate healing wisdom.