Bees Detect Flowers’ Subtle Electrical Fields

| February 22, 2013

beeWhat remarkable and fantastic little creatures bees are!

They’re such a vitally integral aspect of the environment.

And due to their profound impact as pollinators on the fertility and productivity of plants, bees are of particularly crucial importance to the success of our food chain.

A study published yesterday online in the magazine Science called “Detection and Learning of Floral Electric Fields by Bumblebees,” offers some intriguing insights about these amazing insects.

Evidently besides their ability to use visual clues such as a flower’s colors, patterns and shapes along with it fragrance, bees possess an even more refined capacity for choosing which blossoms they visit on their nectar gathering forays. They’re actually able to sense subtle electric emanations emitted by a plant’s blooms, and they use this faculty of electrical sensitivity to decide whether or not to land on any particular flower, or even a cluster or whole field of flowers.

I love it when science verifies some of the more subtle interactions that occur in nature between different species of organisms. Because it reinforces a very intuitive sense I’ve had for some time about the unseen, energetic relationships that underlie the ubiquitous interdependence, interconnectedness, and exchange of information that’s happening on so many levels between all living things in the web of life on this planet.

Sometimes it feels as if we humans think we’ve got things all figured out, and that because we’re so good at manipulating, exploiting and rearranging our world that we’re the most powerful and sophisticated species on earth.

However Nature is full of her own pretty astounding sophistication, and the depth and breadth of her mysteries are far, far from being completely plumbed by the likes of us mere human beings.

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