Conscious Herbal Medicine Crafting

| April 10, 2013

Herbal Medicines

Long Tradition of Handmade Herbal Medicines

Once upon a time there was no such thing as supplement companies that manufacture large quantities of herb materials into bottled encapsulations or tinctures, or even boxed or bulk dried teas.

For a very long time indeed, people gathered their own herbs from nature, or perhaps cultivated and harvested them from their own land, from which they would then handcraft their own homemade remedies.

Although mass produced herbal products certainly do have their place and their advantages, in many ways homemade handcrafted remedies are actually far superior to those herbal products that are available in stores, most all of which are made in factories using mechanized equipment.

This is especially true if the person creating the remedies does so with thoughtful awareness and conscious intent.

Crafting Remedies With Conscious Intention

Prior to the advent of modern civilization, when human beings lived more simply, closer to the earth, and were much more attuned to the rhythms, cycles and ways of nature, we had a much more acute awareness of the repercussions of our actions in this world than many of us do today.

Unlike many present day people, most all tribal people who have ever lived on this earth have had a deep understanding of the innate and very powerful interconnection between all living things, and a strong awareness of the exponential reverberations generated by our actions.

This awareness included a cognizance of the gift of nourishment and sustenance that was given when a life was taken, and an embodiment of a sense of reverence and gratitude was very important when harvesting living things from the environment. This level of consciousness was particularly evident for instance when hunters made a kill, but was also present in those who had knowledge of the healing properties of herbs.

Unfortunately today, as our species mindlessly plunders the world’s resources for its own profit and gain, much of humanity has forgotten or lost sight of the importance of things like holding in our hearts a reverence for all life, and being thankful for that which is taken from the body of Mother Earth for our use or benefit.

However in the same way that our more aware forebears revered and expressed thanks for the gifts of nature, those thoughtful herbalists today who cultivate a similar conscious awareness of such things can imbue their handcrafted remedies with an energy and efficacy that transcends that of any mass produced product.

Awareness of the Intelligence of Nature

Besides holding a place of reverence and gratitude within for the herbs as we harvest, handle and craft them into remedies, another very powerful way to infuse our homemade remedies with enhanced potency is to become educated about the herbs’ active constituents, and about their overall beneficial health effects on the body.

During the process of crafting our herbal preparations it’s beneficial for us to envision in our minds the profound therapeutic benefits possessed by the herbs with which we are working, and to allow that understanding to be translated through us and into the remedies we are creating.

Bearing in mind the people for whom the remedies we make are intended for use, and envisaging their well being and the benefits and healing they may derive from ingesting or otherwise utilizing the remedies personally, is another way to impart greater potency and effectiveness to the herbal remedies we craft with our own hands.

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