Human Health

| December 7, 2012

vetruvianHuman Health is dependent on:

• the Energetics underlying material manifestation

• the quality of the Earth’s Elements

• Non-industrialized, Sustainable Agricultural practices

Food Sovereignty to choose the most nutrient dense, uncontaminated foods

• the Health of the Soil in which our food is grown

• the Health of the Plant based foods we eat

• the Health of the Animals whose meat and dairy products we eat

• the Nourishment provided by the foods we consume

• the Microbiome, comprised of massive numbers of microorganisms that inhabit our soils and our bodies

If you are reading this, you are being given a Call to Awaken to the root causes of chronic human illness.

Some of the most effective holistic paths to Healing and wellness include Detoxification, Herbalism, Bodywork, and support, cleansing and clearing of vital Bodily Pathways.

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