Detox 70 Ways Book

Detoxification 70 Ways

Detoxification: 70 Ways To Cleanse, Clear & Purify Your Body, Space & Life

By Linda Zurich

A one of a kind compendium, this book is brimming with page after page of ideas, insights and information. It provides a thoughtful collection of effective approaches to detoxification, many of which are very sensible, simple and easy to apply on an ongoing basis.

Offered here are a diverse array of suggestions for cleansing, from the most practical and down to earth, to the more exotic and esoteric, all of which have been compiled into one easy to use resource.

Including a number of unique, original illustrations designed by the author, this book has been created to empower those wishing to take their health to the next level, to do so by employing some of the most efficacious holistic approaches to wellness available today.