Detoxification From the Outside In

| January 29, 2013

lotusDetoxification – From the Outside In

Each and every day presents us with a new opportunity to make better, more conscious choices that result in a healthier, cleaner and greener life – not only for ourselves and our families, but also for the wider planet at large.

Household Cleaners

One very important and practical way of doing this is for us to become increasingly aware and ever more diligent about the quality of the cleaning products we choose to purchase for use in our homes.

Unfortunately many of the best known, most commonly advertised commercial cleaning products these days, the kind which are sold primarily in conventional grocery and drugs stores, contain toxic, potentially harmful ingredients. If we use such products in and around our homes, the noxious chemicals they contain can penetrate into our bodies, entering into our bloodstreams through exposure via our skin and lungs.

The good new is that there are a wide variety of other, non-toxic choices we can make! There are many good quality alternative products that are made with ingredients that are harmless, and there are also various other very simple, inexpensive substances, such as hydrogen peroxide, baking soda, white vinegar, salt and others, (many of which may well already be in your own pantry) that can be used as completely safe and surprisingly effective substitutes for more expensive manufactured cleaning products.

Cookware and Food Ware

The quality of the utensils and vessels we use in our kitchens to prepare, cook and store our food are crucial in terms of their potential – or lack thereof – to introduce toxins into our bodies from without.

Choosing non-reactive pots, pans, bakeware, utensils and food storage containers made of materials that minimize the risk of leaching undesirable heavy metals or plastics into the food we eat is a powerful way for us to be proactive about detoxifying ourselves from the outside in.

Personal Products

Whatever personal products we put into or onto our bodies – whether they be face creams, body lotions, make up, toothpastes, mouthwashes, eye drops, shampoos, hair conditioners or soaps etc. – all have the potential to end up permeating directly into our bodies via our blood and internal cellular matrices. Therefore reading labels, using discernment before purchasing products, and making sure to always choose the simplest, safest, least toxic alternatives are practices which are becoming more and more imperative these days for those of us who are striving for increased levels of bodily purification and optimal health.


Choosing the contents of our medicine chest and first aid kit wisely is one of the best ways in which we may bring greater purity, cleansing and natural healing into our bodies and lives.

Our best option is to rely on assembling a collection of the most effective yet non-toxic holistic healing remedies possible. Some suggestions for these include things like the most potent, high quality herbal preparations, the purest organic or wild crafted therapeutic grade essential oils, homeopathics, colloidal silver, iodine, and other natural medicinals, substances and protocols that most efficaciously support and empower our body’s own innate healing intelligence.

Creating Sacred Space

Dedicating areas within our homes for the creation of ‘sacred space’ can be achieved by employing a variety of ancient and modern methods of space clearing, cleansing and purification. These techniques include the burning and smudging of resins and other plant materials, and the use of things like sound, aromatherapy, beeswax candles and salt lamps. Such practices can help us to create an environment within our personal indoor living and/or work spaces that reflects our inner affinity and need for that which embodies the more sublime energetic qualities of beauty, harmony, serenity, purity and peace.

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  1. Janet Schilke says:

    Hello Linda,

    I am enjoying your detailed website!
    Regret having to leave Marlene’s on Tuesday during your wonderful talk. The “fumes” finally got to me. I did voice my opinion by phone on their choice of timing and cleaning substances, only to be told that it was “unfortunate”, they had an inspection to get ready for, in order to maintain their business!


    • Linda Zurich says:

      Thank you so much, Janet! It was great to meet you the other night. I appreciate all the insights and information you shared with me then, and look forward to hopefully seeing you again at one of my classes at Marlene’s in the future.