Earthing, Grounding, Attuning With Gaia

| January 8, 2013


feetEarthing, Grounding, Attuning With Gaia

One of the most profound underlying issues facing our species today, especially for those of us living in the western world, is our collective disconnection with nature, the earth, and the natural cycles and rhythms of planet.

Over the course of time, as we have become more ‘civilized’ and are spending increasing amounts of time indoors, it seems many people have become less and less aware of and in tune with Mother Nature.

Being in nature, connecting in a meaningful way with Gaia’s elemental forces of land, air, water and fire, and attuning ourselves to her cycles, her tides, her pulses and her patterns, is incredibly therapeutic for us. Spending time in the great outdoors not only helps to refresh, renew and reinvigorate our spirit, but doing so also helps to bring a saner, healthier perspective to our own lives as well as life in general.

There’s an incredible beauty as well as a deep intelligence pervading the our Mother Earth. And being out of doors and immersed in her environs, whether we’re working, playing, hiking, or simply sitting in relaxed meditative contemplation, helps us gain an empowering glimpse of her timeless wisdom.

Another major issue related to this lack of connectivity with nature is, for many people, a lack of being grounded.

Being in direct physical contact with the ground, with a part of our body touching the body of the earth, is an act that has a powerful beneficial impact on our health and well being.

Grounding, or earthing as it’s sometimes called, has myriad benefits. Perhaps one of the most obvious and important of which is that it helps to balance and center us internally. Another of the many great advantages of grounding is that it fosters the discharge within us of accumulated EMFs, which are the man made electromagnetic frequencies/fields to which our bodies and fields are being perpetually exposed these days due to the rapid proliferation of the existence of things like antennae, cell phones, cell phone towers and Wi-Fi.

If you see the wisdom of attuning with Gaia, and particularly if you feel the pull in your body, heart and/or mind to reconnect more with her and her natural environments, then making an effort to do so on a regular basis is, in my humble opinion, well worth it.

Walking, hiking, bird watching, camping, gardening, doing yard work, wildcrafting herbs and food, or even just being outside and quietly observing the subtle movements and interactivity of animals, plants, trees, water, wind and clouds, are all fantastic and very gratifying ways to reconnect more deeply with nature.

Some other rewarding and very effective ways we may become more fully immersed in the natural rhythms of the earth are to keep track of things like:

  • the ever shifting phases of the moon

  • the times of high and low tides (if you live near the sea)

  • the turning of the seasons, with their solstices, equinoxes and cross quarter days

  • the rising and setting times of the sun where you live

  • the location on the horizon where you live of the rising and setting sun

  • the nuances in the movement over time of stars across the night sky.

So…get outside! Touch your bare feet or hands to the ground when you can. Wrap your arms around a tree and give it a long loving hug once in a while. And do what you can to bring a greater degree of mindfulness and awareness to what’s happening outdoors in your corner of the planet. Your body, your heart, your mind and your soul will all thank you for it!

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