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| February 7, 2013

seedsA couple of days ago I was sent a link to a series of 4 brief but powerful videos, embedded below, featuring an interview with a very wise and insightful woman by the name of Claire Hope Cummings.

Claire Hope Cummings is an environmental journalist whose primary areas of focus include the political, environmental, social, moral, and health ramifications of our present day food system, and the ways in which the food we choose to eat impacts our connections to one another, to our locale, to the land, and to the earth itself.

Author of Uncertain Peril: Genetic Engineering and the Future of Seeds, Ms. Cummings worked for 20 years as an environmental lawyer including a 4 year stint at the USDA, and later practiced environmental and cultural preservation public interest law, where she often worked with indigenous peoples. She has farmed in California as well as in Vietnam, where she had an organic farm on the Mekong Delta.

In this interview she speaks directly and very poignantly about the devastating impacts the industrialization and commodification of agriculture are having on the health not only of human beings, but of the entire planet as a whole, and discusses how local, sustainable agriculture is the solution to these issues.

She talks about GMOs, the vital importance of saving seeds, and about what it means for us to bring the culture back into agriculture, which has been highjacked from the hands of the people by multinational corporations that have turned it into agribusiness.

If you’re passionate about food sovereignty and are devoted to supporting the most effective grass roots alternatives to Big Agra-based monocultured, factory farmed foods, this interview is for you!

I found Claire Hope Cummings to be an extremely sane, intelligent and very articulate voice of reason, who speaks some incredibly sensible truths about the perils and pitfalls of the dominant agricultural paradigm.

Claire’s words are a clarion wake up call for us all.

I encourage anyone who seeks to know the truth about the real repercussions that are occurring in our world as a result of the the food we choose to put on our tables, to take a few minutes to listen to this courageous woman’s sage and sobering insights.

A Conversation With Claire Hope Cummings

Part 1.

Part 2.

Part 3.

Part 4.

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