Informational Revolutionaries

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There’s a revolution afoot, and it’s one that is arising from the dissemination and recognition of information.

Due to the sharing and receiving of such revolutionary information, more and more people these days are waking up to the reality that the conventional established system as it stands today is, on myriad levels, utterly and completely unsustainable.

Increasing numbers of people are beginning to realize that, to an astonishing degree, politicians and governments around the globe have become profoundly corrupted. This is because they are not only being funded, but are also essentially being directed and driven by soulless, exploitative, corporations whose prime directive is profit-based corporate greed.

Corporate Ravaging of Planet Earth

Monumentally and unimaginably wealthy corporate consortia, comprised of powerful multinational global companies and conglomerates, conduct their day to day operations compelled by a focus that has little or no regard for the well being of humanity – much less for the ecological environs of this planet including the diverse natural tapestry of flora, fauna and other organisms that comprise life on earth.

Such corporate entities are motivated solely by their financial bottom line. And their voracious, tyrannical, ruthless influence is resulting in such repercussions, among others, as:

• the mindless, remorseless, conscienceless and systematic plundering of our world’s natural resources
• the relentless debasement, defilement and poisonous contamination of the planet’s air, soil and water
• a serious, radical compromising of the collective physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health of our species
• a staggering dumbing-down of the masses, particularly among those dwelling within so called modern society, primarily via the mass media and state run educational systems

The Sobering, Disturbing Truth

It’s daunting, to say the least, to consider the reality of what’s really happening. And it’s challenging to comprehend both the scope as well as the implications of these extraordinary circumstances in which we find ourselves in this world today.

Revolutionary Information

For more than a decade and a half I’ve found myself on a journey of searching, exploring, watching, listening, observing, reading, writing, investigation and discovery in an attempt to gather information in order to gain a better, more realistic perspective on the human condition here on planet earth in the 21st century.

Along the way I found myself seeking out ideas, perspectives, resources and sources of information that have felt increasingly revolutionary. Because the further down the rabbit hole I went, the more I began to know deep down inside that what conventional sources of information were conveying to me was at best misleading, and at worst a veritable gaggle of misinformation, disinformation, propaganda, and more often than not, downright lies.

Eventually over time, after delving into radical depths of revolutionary information, and learning from those intrepid few who have had the courage and tenacity to speak out before me, I’ve come to find that I myself have become an informational revolutionary.

What I’ve uncovered in my travels has been both devastating and enlightening. And my aspiration going forward as I write this first post is not just to share what I consider to be a revelatory (and perhaps to some disturbing) point of view on the global situation in which we find ourselves, but more importantly to offer a plethora of useful solution oriented ideas and paths, which when applied by the reader may begin to affect transformations within that will reverberate without, to favorably impact the wider world at large.

A Fundamental Solution – Pulling the Financial Plug

The very first of these solution based offerings is to vote with your dollars.

This means cultivating increased conscious awareness around where and how the goods, foods and services you purchase are sourced, produced and manifested.

It means financially supporting small, sustainable businesses, farmers, ranchers and service people instead of plunking our money down in ways and in places that results in it going into the hands of the greedy, corrupt multinational cartels that are raping and pillaging the Mother Earth and humanity along with her.

If enough of the masses of common people were to withdraw their financial support out from under the unscrupulous status quo being orchestrated by the relatively few elite, the whole wretched house of cards would, without a doubt, come crashing down.


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