The Butterfly Effect

| November 15, 2012

The Butterfly Effect


It has been suggested that something as seemingly insignificant as the flapping of a butterfly’s wings locally instigates a ripple effect resulting in worldwide repercussions that are infinitely more pronounced, impactful and far-reaching.

This concept, particularly when considered on a global scale, has profound implications, and is illustrative of the intricate, holistic interconnectedness and interdependence of all things.

This is especially so when we realize that our bodies are comprised of earthly elements:

Our bones are made of the minerals found in soil and stone.

Our blood is made of the waters of oceans, rivers, lakes and streams.

Our brains and nervous systems operate via the electrical energy of fire.

The very breath that sustains us moment to moment, and whose vitality is delivered through our bloodstreams to each and every cell of our bodies, is drawn from the oxygen contained within the atmosphere that envelops and protects our planet.

Our vital organs and flesh are an amalgam of myriad components derived from the earth, and our entire physical bodies are coalesced, organized and built according to the blueprint of our DNA.

Contemplating things from this perspective makes it easier to understand how powerfully the health of our species is being impacted by the collective actions of humanity, and the ever intensifying industrial based paradigm and way of life in which we are all immersed in this day and age.

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