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| March 14, 2013

castor_oilCastor Oil

Known as “The Oil That Heals” and also “Palma Christi,” (or palm of Christ) castor oil is an ancient remedy that has long been used in Ayurvedic medicine and by folk healers the world over for a variety of healing, therapeutic pain relieving, and cleansing applications. It was perhaps most famously recommended in numerous readings by ‘The Sleeping Prophet’ Edgar Cayce.

Castor oil is derived from the pressed seeds of the castor plant, Ricinus communis, and although it’s commonly known as ‘castor bean oil,’ the castor plant from which the oil is obtained is not technically leguminous.

The active component in this unique oil is ricinoleic acid, which is a monounsaturated omega-9 fatty acid that has powerful anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects.

Castor oil has antiviral and antifungal properties, and is also a potent purgative when taken internally to clear the bowels.

One of its most remarkable properties when used externally is castor oil’s ability to support and enhance the functioning of the lymphatic system, which is one of the body’s primary pathways of elimination and detoxification. This unique ability to beneficially impact lymphatic function makes castor oil an extremely valuable tool for helping to cleanse, detoxify and heal the body.

Castor Oil Pack

A soft, clean wool or flannel cloth soaked in castor oil and then applied to the body, covered by a hot water bottle or heating pad and left to penetrate for about an hour is an incredibly purifying and healing therapy known as a ‘castor pack.’

Castor packs can be used very effectively on lymph nodes in the neck, armpits and groin areas to assist with the release and assimilation of toxins from nearby areas.

Another excellent use for castor packs is over the liver/gall bladder area to promote general cleansing, detoxification and improved functionality.

And for women who may be experiencing reproductive issues such as endometriosis, fibroid tumors or mesnstrual cramps, castor packs applied over the abdomen work wonders to ease associated discomfort, pain and inflammation, while assisting in the movement of lymphatic fluids, encouraging the drawing away of stagnant toxins, wastes and impurities.


Cotton or wool flannel cloth

Castor oil

Plastic sheet or bag

Old towel

  • Lay a clean, dry flannel cloth in a shallow pan and pour a generous amount of castor oil over it, allowing it to penetrate completely until the cloth is thoroughly saturated.

  • If necessary, gently wring out the flannel so the cloth is still saturated with oil, but not dripping with it.

  • Apply the saturated flannel to the desired area of the body.

  • Cover with a plastic sheet or large plastic bag.

  • Wrap a towel over top of everything.

  • Put a heating pad over top of the towel, gradually turning the heat up until it reaches a comfortably warm temperature.

  • Sit or lie in a comfortable position and remain there with the castor pack in place, relaxing for at least 45 minutes or up to 90 minutes.

  • When finished, turn off the heating pad and remove it, remove the toweling, and remove the plastic bag and discard.

  • The treated skin can be cleaned using warm soap and water mixed with some baking soda to help dissolve any remaining oil.

  • The castor pack can be folded, put into a clean container or plastic bag and refrigerated. The refrigerated pack can be used again up to 50 times by adding more castor oil to saturate the cloth well before each use.

  • When removing the castor pack from the fridge for use, it’s best to allow it to warm to room temperature before applying to the body.

  • Each person in the house should have their own personal castor pack – do not share them.

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