Our Air

| November 6, 2012


Our Air


Ideally the air we all breathe would be pure, clean and rich with oxygen.

Instead, we breathe within an atmosphere that has been tainted by airborne industrial wastes from manufacturing factories and power plants and exhaust fumes from internal combustion engines.

Often some of the poorest quality air is found in large cities.

Seeking out greener, wilder environments, away from cities and closer to natural, undeveloped land, especially treed areas, is a great way to improve the quality of the air we breathe.

Growing houseplants indoors is a simple, easy, and very effective natural way to purify and add oxygen to the air inside any living or work space.

Smudging with things like plant materials, resins and incense is another, very ancient method of air and space purification.




Air is a source of prana. Each breath of oxygen we draw in through our lungs keeps us alive, filling us with energy and chi.

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