Our Food

| November 7, 2012

Our Food

For thousands of years on this planet we human beings ate whole, minimally processed foods that came directly from the earth in the form of animal and plant foods.

There’s ample archeological and anthropological evidence all over the world that for long periods of our history, people were hunting and gathering their food locally and seasonally from the wild.

During these long ages there was never any indication of the kind of epidemic of chronic degenerative disease that’s currently afflicting mankind.

The rise of these chronic ailments clearly coincides with a profound shift in our diets.

There appears to have been a major transition from hunting and gathering food to an agrarian lifestyle, where people began cultivating food crops and raising livestock for their meat and dairy. This shift only occurred in the past approximately 10,000 years ago, and evidently coincides with a marked decline in the overall strength and vigor of our species.


More recently we’ve moved even further from whole, wholesome, unprocessed, locally, seasonally available fare, to the consumption of diets that are much more dependent and focused upon highly processed, packaged, shelf stable, nutritionally depleted, often GMO/commodity based products which are marketed, manufactured and sold by Big Agribusiness.

In the process, over the past century our food chain has transformed radically. Food has become widely available and in many cases is absurdly and unrealistically cheap.

The cheapest food – case in point fast food – is often of the lowest quality and nutritional value, and is also often contaminated with toxic petrochemical residue and GMO.

Some of the highest quality and most nutritionally valuable foods are actually free for the taking because they are harvested, as was all our food historically for thousands of years, directly from the wild.

And then there’s everything in between the worst and the best.

Unfortunately, consuming a lifetime of cheap, poor quality food often contributes to chronic health issues later in life that make for a health care bill that is astronomical.

For this reason it behooves us to carefully count the true cost of such unrealistically inexpensive food.

Our Choice

What we choose to put in our bodies in the form of food is an extremely personal decision. Making this decision with increased levels of information, awareness and consciousness can only result in more benefit for all in the long run.

Choosing to know the source of our food, – where it was grown, when it was grown, and by whom – is key to improving the overall quality of our diets.

There’s SO much to say about food! But this is just a brief introductory page.

As time goes by I’ll post more on subjects like these:

• Nourishment

• Nutrient Dense Foods

• Sustainable Agriculture

• Food Sovereignty

• Soil Health

• Plant Health

• Animal Health

• Soil-Food-Web

We derive prana from food. Some foods carry and convey more prana than others.

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