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| November 6, 2012


soilOur Soils


Soil is a living breathing thing.

Healthy, fertile soil is teeming with life.

Soil is a symphony of polymicrobial-culturality, a vast and varied tapestry of biodiversity.

Beyond that, soil is the very ground of our being. It is an alchemical synergy of fire, earth, air and water that is in the form of fertile, dark, living dirt, and which provides the foundation for our food chain – the soil/food/web.

However industrialized agricultural methods, including poisonous petrochemical/commodity based monocropping, factory farming, processing, manufacturing and packaging of food, disrupt, corrupt, contaminate and sabotage the kind of grand, healthy, self sustaining, biodiverse, fertile soils that give rise to healthy, productive ecosystems.

Farming techniques and poisons used by multinational industrial agricultural cartels are depleting, degrading, despoiling, devitalizing, and deadening soils the world over.

Some solutions to this travesty are to:

• cultivate our own fertile soils

• grow our own food

• source our food more locally

• wild harvest food

• seek out other means of gaining more food sovereignty, such as:

• farmers markets

• small family run farms

• food coops

• buying clubs

• continually pursue ways of divesting ourselves of any dependence upon that which is being sold by these massive global Big Ag consortia.




Soil is a source of prana. Ingesting mineral rich humic and fulvic substances is tonic and restorative and fills us with life force,  just as does consuming food grown in rich, alive, fertile, biodiverse, mineralized soils.

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