Our Water

| November 7, 2012


 Our Water

We live in a watery world.

We live in watery bodies.

Water is vital to all life as we know it.

Water is a carrier of hydration, nourishment and information.

Water is a living, liquid crystal that has memory.

Due to industrial contamination, more and more of the water available to us today has been compromised in its quality.

Improve the quality of our drinking, bathing and washing water is key to improving the quality of our overall health.

For the freshest, purest drinking water, ideally visit a pristine spring and gather your own.

Locate a natural spring near you:

Find A Spring

Here’s a link to a a fascinating video all about water entitled:

Water: The Great Mystery

Water is a source of prana. The cleaner, purer, better structured and lively the water, the more refined the level of information-intelligence-energy-chi it carries and imbues within us when we drink it.

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