Personal and Planetary Purification and Transformation

| March 9, 2013

It was back in 1972 during NASA’s Apollo 17 mission to the moon that the classic photograph of the earth from space, known as the “Blue Marble,” was first taken.

The effect that this iconic image – that of a deep cobalt blue sphere swathed in copious wisps of white clouds, set against the inky black abyss of deep space – had upon the awareness of humankind was deeply profound.

When each of us first caught a glimpse of this unique photograph of our earthly home, it was as if a light went on in our heads and hearts, triggering a long lost awareness within us that we, along with all other life on this planet, are one.

Viewing this photograph drove home in our psyches, in a way nothing else up to that point ever really could, the concept that the earth is a kind of self contained organic space ship upon which we are all journeying together. It compelled us toward a deeper comprehension of the inter-connectivity and interdependence of all things in this world, and made us realize that we are in essence, all living together on a warm, vibrant, life-filled island that’s whirling through the cold black darkness of the cosmos.

For many of us, this realization made us ever more acutely aware of the importance of taking responsibility for the stewardship and care of our Mother Earth with an even greater degree of diligence and consciousness. It caused us to enter into a deeper understanding of the powerful impact our activities have upon the planet, as well as their repercussions – not only for the earth and her myriad lifeforms, but also for our own species.

At least partly as a result of this awakening, many people today are all too painfully aware of the devastating effects the actions of human beings are having on the ecology of the earth, particularly in terms of the way in which all the toxins, pollutants and wastes generated by our industrial way of life are contaminating the planet. Not to mention the incredibly detrimental effects these poisons are having on our own health!

Due to such an awareness, it’s not uncommon for the more sensitive among us to become overwhelmed by the scope of what’s happening on this planet, to the point where we’re overcome by a sense of helplessness, or perhaps even subject to intensely troubling feelings such as anger, frustration or despair.

Despite the disturbing reality of what is transpiring in our world these days, there’s some very good news indeed in terms of the most effective ways in which we may be proactive, and even powerfully instrumental, in manifesting meaningful, positive transformation within the unfoldings occurring here on earth today.

In truth, our most authentic power lies in embodying change by making the decision to “let it begin with me.” And we may do this by implementing novel shifts within our own personal sphere of influence in the form of increasingly conscious, cutting edge choices vis a vis the ways in which we live our everyday lives and care for ourselves and our loved ones.

The ancient axiom “as above, so below” can be interpreted to illustrate the way in which the state of the wider environs around us is truly but a reflection of the state that exists within ourselves. If this is true, which seems very likely, given that such teachings are fundamental tenants of myriad spiritual traditions, then as we transform ourselves from the inside out, we simultaneously affect a metamorphosis of that which we experience as the external world around us.

The greater the number of people who begin to think globally and act locally in this way, and who apply more refined levels of conscience, mindfulness and awareness to their everyday lives, the more powerful, profound and rapid will be the resulting shifts for the better all around.

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