Prenatal, Natal and Post Natal Trauma

| January 10, 2013


pregnantPrenatal, Natal and Post Natal Trauma

In my ongoing quest to gain a deeper understanding of the true underlying root causes of the chronic health issues plaguing our species, I’ve come across a body of information that has felt scarcely short of revelatory for me.

This field of knowledge has to do with the very earliest experiences each and every one of us has had in our existence on this planet: the circumstances surrounding our conception, the 9 months we spend in our mother’s womb gestating, and our birth.

Recently my research on this subject has led me to study the work of a number of different experts, who are listed at the end of this post along with links to their respective websites.

Here’s a (very) brief summary of what I’ve been learning from studying the work of these people, whom I consider to be pioneers in the fields of human awakening, healing, and spiritual evolution:

  • Everything about us and our life experience on the most fundamental levels is powerfully affected by the energetics surrounding our conception, our gestation and our birth

  • The quality of the relationship between our parents when we are conceived as a result of their intimacy has a profound and lasting impact on the quality of our lives, and particularly our ability (or lack thereof) to give, share and receive love in a healthy way

  • From the moment of conception and throughout the time we spend gestating inside our mother’s body, we are bathed in a physiological soup, the quality of which is hugely influenced by our mother’s emotional state

  • The emotions felt by our mother the moment she discovers she is pregnant with us – whether they are those of joy, happiness and gratitude or fear, dread, guilt and shame – are transferred directly to us in utero

  • Contrary to modern medical understanding, (which teaches that both the unborn and newborn human are barely conscious and essentially impervious to pain) as a growing fetus as well as as a newborn, we human beings are exquisitely sensitive and impressionable on myriad levels – physically, emotionally, psychologically, energetically and even spiritually

  • Many, many people experience trauma at conception due to the dysfunctional relationship between their parents and the general lack of consciousness in our society around conceiving a new life

  • Conventional hospital births are rife with trauma causing technologies, protocols, pharmaceuticals and other totally unnatural and invasive interventions

  • We are powerfully imprinted with what often become lifelong energetic, physiological and even physical patternings as a result of everything that happens in our sphere of awareness from the moment of our conception, throughout the period of our gestation, and during and directly after the experience of our birth

  • Such imprints when they are laid down during events or experiences that we perceive as traumatic, can have long lasting, exceptionally detrimental effects which impact not only the individual, but also when this occurs en masse, our entire civilization as a whole

  • There are some very effective therapies available for helping to resolve and heal the earliest traumas humans experience around their conception, gestation and birth

Here are links to the sites of some of those on the forefront of this fascinating and very important field of research:

Dr. Wiliam Emerson – The Association for Prenatal and Perinatal Psychology and Health

Emerson Seminars – Healing prenatal and birth trauma in children and adults

Terry Larimore – Early Trauma Treatment & Trainings – preventing, dealing with and healing the long term effects of very early experinces

Jeanice Barcelo – Birth of a New Earth

Elena Tonetti – Birth Into Being – Limbic Imprint Re-Coding

Birth As We Know It – The Transformative Power of Birth

Karlton Terry – Institute for Pre and Perinatal Education

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