Salmon – Buy Wild Caught or Don’t Buy It At All

| April 25, 2013

salmonToday I’m excited to share that an article I wrote is being featured as a guest post at Real Food Forager!

The other day I watched an incredibly moving documentary entitled Salmon Confidential, (linked below) which reveals some of the shocking controversies surrounding the practice of salmon farming in British Columbia, Canada.

The film documents biologist Alexandra Morton’s efforts to gather evidence about the devastating impact salmon farming is having on the health of local wild populations of salmon. It also exposes the Canadian government’s attempts to cover up and prevent such evidence from being made public.

Farmed Salmon Breeding Grounds for Pathogenic Parasites and Viruses

Morton and others maintain that aquatic feedlots where farmed salmon are raised in captivity are breeding grounds for concentrated amounts of pathogenic parasites and viruses which are infecting wild salmon…

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  1. Thanks for sharing on Wildcrafting Wednesday! I love salmon. :)