Broad Strokes

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A Basic Overview of the Fundamental Precepts and Concepts Behind this Website.


I’m a big picture kind of person. I very much like to take a step back, figuratively speaking, in order to gain broader, more comprehensive, macrocosmic perspectives on things.

Paradoxically I’m also a stickler for details, and have a tendency at times to focus more microcosmicly, ferreting out the minutia of things.

So where to begin with this blog?

I suppose it’s best to paint some broad strokes at first to lay a bit of a foundation for what I envision to be forthcoming on this site, then let the more detailed perspectives and information pour through as they may.

My main focus is on human health and the best natural ways we can achieve and maintain good health.

However I’ve come to realize that in order to truly heal and be well in this world, what’s really needed is a revealing – a revelation if you will – of that which causes a lack of good health to begin with.

What’s really needed by those who wish to heal and stay well in today’s world is a greater recognition and deeper understanding of the root causes that lie beneath and behind the epidemic of chronic degenerative illness that’s plaguing our species.

Unfortunately, gaining a deeper understanding of these things can be challenging for many of us, because doing so compels us to take a tumble ‘down the rabbit hole’ so to speak – which at best can be unpleasant, and at worst is often downright disturbing or even shocking.

But if we are to really recognize and understand these underlying root issues and causes so as to effectively address and truly resolve them once and for all and heal ourselves holistically, then tumble down that intimidatingly deep dark hole we must.

So here, in a nutshell, are some broad strokes to paint the bigger picture in terms of where I’m headed with all this.

To be healthy, we need balance.

To maintain or reattain balance, what we need is:

• plenty of wholesome, nourishing, nutrient dense food

• plenty of pure, clean, fresh, well structured water to drink and in which to bathe

• clean, fertile, mineral rich soil from which to harvest nutritious plant foods

• clean, fresh air to breathe

• sunlight and the attendant beneficial energies that are radiated via the visible and invisible wavelengths and frequencies emanating from our sun

However what we’re dealing with on planet earth today in the 21st century is a chronic lack of balance, which is caused in large part by:

• a food supply inundated with all manner of unwholesome, poor quality, highly processed, denatured, devitalized, nutrient-sparse food

• water that’s poorly structured and often befouled with toxic chemicals such as fluoride, chlorine, plastics, and in some cases even contaminated with homeopathic doses of pharmaceutical drugs which have been excreted into municipal water supplies by millions of people who routinely take prescription drugs and vaccines.

• agricultural soils that have been drastically degraded, depleted, demineralized, devitalized, deadened and poisoned through industrialized farming practices and the application of toxic petrochemical poisons and fertilizers

• air that has been polluted by the exhausts and wastes generated by internal combustion engines, power plants, and industrial factory processes

• a very unhealthful, programmed collective fear among humans of spending time out of doors soaking up rays of sunshine with our bare skin exposed

There is SO much more to this story and therefore so much more to say and share, which is indeed my intention with this work. However for now the above, from my perspective, seems to sum up the essentials.

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