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My name is Linda Zurich, and I’ve been doing a tremendous amount of independent research, exploration, writing and discovery for many years now.

I am an eclecticist. And although my areas of interest and enquiry are diverse, my primary focus and true passion these days is learning and sharing about the most effective, whole-body oriented, holistic paths and approaches that best assist the human body in the restoration of inner homeostasis, thereby most efficaciously supporting the body’s own healing intelligence.

Healing and wellness occur on myriad levels, and there are a complex variety of issues and considerations in our modern world impacting our ability to heal if we’re unwell or injured, and to maintain good health when we’re already well.

Learning about, understanding and connecting the dots when it comes to the complex, varied and often interrelated underlying root causes of illness and disease is another of my great fascinations. My feeling is that becoming cognizant of such issues is most certainly key if we are to heal and maintain good health by pursing holistic paths to wellness.

Recognizing, understanding, addressing and working towards the resolution of the root causes that underlie human health and chronic illness are absolutely key to overcoming ill health in a meaningful and lasting way.

A major cornerstone of my philosophy is that, on a most fundamental level, it is the disruption of our internal  homeostasis which precipitates and makes us increasingly vulnerable to succumbing to chronic ill health, and that it is the restoration of this inner balance which brings us back to a state of greater harmony, vitality, strength and wellness from within.


In compiling the information on this site, my aim is to share it in a comprehensive way that helps to paint the bigger, overall picture of that which surrounds and underlies the root causes of the unmistakably deleterious shifts presently occurring in the collective health of our species.

My further aspiration is to provide a wide variety of actionable, solution based options to empower people with knowledge of the most beneficial ways in which they may become ever more confident about and responsible for their own nourishment, cleansing, healing, overall good health and well being.

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Be empowered with the knowledge that our bodies are imbued with a profoundly intelligent, natural healing wisdom – a capacity which is actuated by nourishing our bodies deeply and being proactive about detoxification, thereby exponentially strengthening our ability to regain and maintain vibrant health.