Debunking the No-Fat Low-Fat Mythos

| November 26, 2012

The Fat-Free Dietary Debacle


We’ve been massively misled – nay, outright lied to – about the dangers and lack of benefit of consuming traditional, saturated animal fats.

The truth is that as long as they’re derived from animals that are raised and fed properly, such fats actually very healthy for us. This whole business of low fat/fat free diets being healthy for us is actually a massive fallacy, and is not based on any good science whatsoever.

Consider how many people have been avoiding dietary saturated fat like the plague for decades now because they’ve been convinced that the consumption such so called “artery clogging” fats is a leading cause of heart disease. And yet even though so many people have heeded this misguided advice, heart disease continues to be epidemic.

Over-consumption of Refined Carbs

One of the biggest problems affecting our collective health nowadays is that most people are eating way too many highly processed, nutritionally bereft carbohydrates. This is largely to compensate for the fact that so many folks have been scared out of their wits to eat the kind of traditional, healthful, delicious and filling saturated fats that human beings have been consuming – without suffering from the massive degrees of chronic degenerative disease we’re seeing today – for tens if not hundreds of thousands of years.

At least partly as a result of this shift in our diets away from the consumption of such fats and towards the eating of increasing and unnatural amounts of refined carbohydrates, things like heart disease, cancer, obesity, diabetes and arthritis are today pandemic in our species – particularly here in the western world.

Healthy Fats are Vital to Our Good Health

No one seems to be telling us that our brains need plenty of fat to function properly! Nor does it seem to be common knowledge that our bodies require fat to make hormones. In fact cholesterol is a precursor to a number of vital hormones, including testosterone and estrogen. And yet what sorts of chronic maladies and issues are we seeing in record numbers today? Neurological impairments like dementia, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease and Alzheimer’s are becoming more and more prevalent, and rampant infertility in both men and women is occurring on an unprecedented scale.

Our relatively recent lack of healthy fat consumption is surely at least partly implicated in these (correspondingly relatively recent) epidemics of mental/neurological infirmity and reproductive infertility, and may well also be a factor in any number of other common chronic ailments..

Here’s a slightly amusing but very revealing clip from the movie Fat Head, entitled Big Fat Lies, to get a better idea of this point about how we’ve been led down the garden path about the so-called dangers of consuming traditional dietary fats:

This is a more serious clip of an interview with Alan L. Watson, author of the book Cereal Killer :

 Big Agra, Big Biotech and Big Government Collusion

Instead of supporting the consumption of natural, health promoting, traditional animal and plant based fats that people have been eating for eons, during the past half century or so the Big Agra and Big Biotech industries have colluded with one another and with our governments to promote the sales of massive amounts of hydrogenated ‘vegetable oils,’ particularly those derived from soy, corn and canola.

These oils have been falsely touted as being healthy in spite of the fact that they are:

  • a highly processed product of modern factory farming on a massive scale

  • often rancid, even when first purchased

  • unstable at high temperatures, and therefore inappropriate for use in cooking

  • derived primarily from crops that have been genetically modified

  • made from crops that are heavily sprayed with a variety of toxic petrochemical pesticides and herbicides

  • often skewed in their essential fatty acid (EFA) profiles to be huge sources of inflammation promoting omega 6 EFAs

  • utterly unnatural, altogether unhealthy “foods” that are one of the most profitable results of conscious-less commodity based agriculture

  • a completely nontraditional product of modern day, commodity based, industrialized agriculture which has, up until this past century, never been consumed by human beings in the entire history of our species

 Solutions and Educational Resources

Research and educate yourself about the true benefits and nutritional need for consuming traditional, healthful fats, and begin seeking out sources, purchasing, and incorporating such nourishing, nutrient dense foods into your diet and that of your family.

Here are some resources where you can learn more about this subject:

The Great Cholesterol Con: Why everything you’ve been told about cholesterol, diet, and heart disease is wrong! by Anthony Colpo

The Great Cholesterol Con: The Truth About What Really Causes Heart Disease and How to Avoid It by Dr. Malcom Kendrick

The Oiling of America by Mary G. Enig, PhD and Sally Fallon

#1 Key to Health: Traditional Fats and Sacred Foods by Sarah Pope

Nutrition and Physical Degeneration: A Comparison of Primitive and Modern Diets and Their Effects by Weston A. Price, MS., D.D.S., F.A.G.D.

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