The Turning

| December 20, 2012

The Turning

A solstice marks a turning.

It is a time when, depending on the hemisphere, the days have reached either their longest or shortest length of the entire year.

At the point of solstice the planet’s revolution about the sun continues its traverse in such a way that the hemisphere experiencing the shortest day begins a period of gradually lengthening days, while days in the other half of the world begin to become gradually shorter.

The winter solstice marks the shortest, darkest day of the year, and is the turning point at which the days begin to become longer and lighter.

I for one make no claim of knowing the grander meaning, if any, ascribed to this particular solstice occurring on December 21, 2012. But as I observe what’s happening on the planet and with humankind, what I’m seeing is a simultaneous rising of both light and dark energies.

On one hand it feels as if there is more violence and war these days than ever before, more environmental destruction, despoilment and degradation, more sickness, hunger and starvation, and a profound and at times seemingly increasing lack of consciousness on the part of our collective species.

And yet on the other hand, at the same time I have a very encouraging and heartening sense that more and more people these days are experiencing a dynamic, purposeful and even liberating awakening.

It seems as if there is more truth being told these days, even if at times it feels as if those expressing such truth have very still, small voices compared to the cacophony of the often chaotic, mindless and soulless existing paradigm.

My ardent hope for all of us is that this truth telling, and the resulting upliftment of consciousness among humanity arising from it, will expand, and that this solstice marks not just a literal shifting of physical light reaching our planet, but that it also signifies an energetic upswing towards a real, true and meaningful expansion of consciousness and illumination within the hearts, minds, bodies and spirit of all people on earth.


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