Vaccine Insanity

| January 21, 2013


hypoWarning: Rant Alert!!

What’s with all this hype about flu shots??

There are a couple of prominently placed drug stores in my town, both of which have large digital signs out front advertising the flu shots they’re selling. Not only that, but there are even more conventional signs and banners strung outside these stores hawking shots to those walking or driving by.

Every time I set foot in just about any grocery store, one of the first things I see is a big fat sign that reads “Get your flu shots here!”

Many of these places pushing flu shots also have recorded advertisements for them blaring periodically over their in-store PA systems.

There are even free flu shot clinics cropping up here and there, along with plenty of stories featured in the news lately about the shortages of flu vaccines in places where they’re running out of them.

Newscasters all over the media are trying to convince people that getting jabbed with these shots is the only real “protection” against the flu, people are falling for it in droves, and Big Pharma is raking in the big bucks laughing all the way to the bank!

Folks, this is insanity!

Why you ask? Here are just a few reasons:

  • Vaccines are not necessarily effective at preventing the illnesses for which they’re designed.

  • A certain percentage of those who are jabbed with flu shots get the flu anyway.

  • The flu strains against which these shots are supposed to be effective are constantly changing, and strains chosen to be targeted by the latest vaccines each season are at best educated guesses.

  • All vaccines contain a potentially toxic brew of substances, including things like various animal organ tissue, (on which vaccine viruses are cultured) adjuvants, (such as aluminum gels or salts) fixatives, (like formaldehyde) and preservatives (such as mercury based thimerosol).

  • True immunity comes from a healthy, well functioning immune system – not from vaccines!

Here are a variety links to resources with more information on this subject:

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