WA State I-522 Labeling of GMOs

| February 1, 2013

Turns out I live in one of the most politically progressive states in the US!

In Washington state:

  • raw milk is legal for human consumption and is available for sale in a variety of retail stores

  • small quantities of cannabis are now legal to possess and use for recreational purposes

  • medical marijuana has been legal since 1998

  • same sex marriage was recently legalized

And as of last month a new initiative, I-522, “The People’s Right To Know Genetically Engineered Food Act” accrued enough signatures so that it will be on the ballot in WA state this November.

To keep abreast of the latest on I-522 visit www.labelitwa.org.

Recently some other states have begun to follow suit behind WA to introduce GMO labeling legislation!

Earlier this week Senator Jamilah Nasheed, from Missouri proposed SB 155, which would require labeling on all genetically modified meat and fish (GMOs).

Check out this article published in The Maneater, the official, independent student news source of the University of Missouri.


Also this week, a group of 50 Representatives, including Republicans, Democrats, and Progressives introduced Vermont H.112, this year’s GMO-labeling legislation in the Vermont House:




And this article, entitled “Genetic Changes to Food May Get Uniform Labeling” appeared in yesterday’s New York Times.

Although we still have a ways to go, all this news is very exciting and incredibly encouraging!


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