Water: the Quintessence of Life

| May 2, 2013


Splashing and coursing between the banks of mighty rushing rivers, curling and crashing in powerful spiral waves along the shores of vast oceans and seas, or bubbling forth from pristine mountain springs, water flows throughout our world and is clearly a ubiquitous and utterly essential element for all life on earth.

Water streams throughout our human bodies too, primarily in the form of blood and intracellular fluids. As these watery substances circulate via our vascular systems, they performs crucial  functions of nourishment and purification, as they transport oxygen and other vital nutrients to our cells, and carry away wastes and other impurities. All the various different fluids created by our bodies are water based as well, with water comprising approximately 70% of the human body.

Hydration – Key to Health

Adequate hydration is absolutely critical to our good health. Consuming plenty of pure clean water is essential to the proper functioning of our body’s various systems.

Those who have experienced water-only fasts are well aware of the body’s astonishing capacity to continue functioning in the absence of solid nourishment – even for extended periods of time – provided sufficient quantities of water are consumed.

Anomalous Properties

Water has some fascinating, and in some cases completely anomalous attributes:

• It’s the only substance in the known universe that exists in 3 completely different states of matter: as  liquid water, as a solid in the form of ice, and as a gas in the form of steams, mists or clouds.
• Unlike every other substance on earth, water expands when cooled and contracts when warmed. (If you’ve ever put a glass container of liquid into the freezer only to have it crack once it freezes hard, you understand this mysterious property of water perfectly!)

• It’s incredibly soft and malleable, and yet is simultaneously also incredibly strong and forceful enough to erode something as hard and dense as stone. This amazing strength and power of water is also demonstrated by things like tidal waves, floods, and storm surges caused by hurricanes, which often result in damage to life and property that is catastrophic.

• It has the highest surface tension of all liquids.

• It’s considered to be the universal solvent, as it is the most powerful solvent known.

• It has the baffling ability to defy gravity as it ascends through trunks of tall trees and other vegetation in the form of sap.

Water, Water Everywhere…

According to scientific estimates, approximately 97.5% of all the water on earth is saltwater, found in our planet’s oceans, seas and saline lakes. Of the remaining approximately 2.5%, which is fresh water, about two thirds of that is locked in ice in the form of things like glaciers and polar icecaps. This means that only about 1-1.5% of all the water on our planet is potable.

Such statistics are a graphic representation of just how precious and valuable pure, fresh, clean water truly is.

Corporate Hydro-Profits

Because of the immense value of potable water, the stuff has become an extremely hot financial commodity indeed, particularly in recent decades. For some time now a number of large multinational corporations, whose names are all too familiar to us, have been quietly tapping into the extremely profitable business of bottling, marketing and selling water.

Two of the biggest of these companies, famous for their manufacture of soft drinks laden with GMO corn syrup and aspartame, have a huge stake in selling bottled water. The Coca Cola Company markets water under the brand names Dasani, Vitamin Water, and Smart Water, and PepsiCo bottles Aquifina and Propel Zero. Evidently most if not all of these products are simply filtered tap water.

Nestle, cited in the Fortune Global 500 as the number one most profitable corporation in the world in 2011, is the parent company of several well known brands of bottled water including Perrier, San Pellegrino, Poland Spring, and Arrowhead Mountain Spring Water.

Liquid Crystalline Carrier of Information

Enter contemporary researchers such as Japanese researcher Masaru Emoto, author of several books focusing on the subtle, energetic properties of water including The Hidden Messages of Water, and MJ Pangman and Melanie Evans, co-authors of Dancing with Water: The New Science of Water. These people are pioneers on the forefront of an intriguing evolution of thought about the true nature of water. They’re putting forth the idea that water is a carrier and transmitter of information, and that the quality of the information water carries is dependent upon its structure. And that the structure of water has a profound impact upon the quality and purity of the water itself, particularly with regard to it’s ability to hydrate and nourish us when we consume it.

We’ve all seen the lovely and beautifully symmetrical hexagonal shapes of snowflakes, which are crystals in the form of frozen precipitation. What makes a crystal a crystal is actually these same orderly geometrically patterned arrangements on atomic or molecular levels. One of the main theories being promoted by Emoto, Pangman and Evans is that liquid water is crystalline in form too, and that it is the presence within it – or lack thereof – of harmonic geometric molecular patterns that ultimately defines the quality of the information it carries.

Earth’s Hydrological Cycle

Born in 1885, Austrian forester, naturalist, philosopher and inventor Viktor Schauberger, who authored The Water Wizard: The Extraordinary Properties of Natural Water, researched and wrote extensively on the hydrological cycle nature employs to cleanse, purify, revivify and structure water. This natural, ancient method of recycling the planet’s water involves extensive filtration underground through myriad strata of soil and sediment. Another key component of this cycle is the vortical motion water experiences as it flows and curls, curving round through rivulets, eddies, waves and springs.

Schauberger’s revolutionary work dovetails in many ways with the work of more contemporary researchers such as Emoto and others, who are recognizing the ability of implosion or vortex energy patterns of movement to restructure water, which enhances the quality of its crystalline coherence, thereby optimizing its naturally beneficial, hydrating and life-giving characteristics.

Toxic Tap Water

Since all municipal water systems force water to pass through long stretches of straight pipes connected by right angled joints, which is a totally artificial and unnatural way for water to flow, this process creates water whose crystalline harmonic structure has been disrupted, resulting in water whose quality is compromised, and no doubt less than optimal.

Additionally, most all municipalities treat water with chlorine and even fluoride, both of which may have potentially detrimental effects on our health. And in some locations municipal waste water is also put through water treatment facilities, only to end up flowing back out of the tap. Such tap water, even though treated, may still contain homeopathic or energetic imprints of a toxic soup of residues from toxic pharmaceutical drugs along with other pollutants which have been excreted into waste water.

Gather Your Own Spring Water

Since tap water in most areas provides less than ideal drinking water, one fantastic alternative is to gather your own drinking water directly from the earth at pristine springs, where fresh pure water wells up to the surface from deep underground aquifers.

If you’re not aware of any springs in your area, ask around. Older folks, particularly those who have lived in the area for long periods of time, often have surprising knowledge of places that are not well known where fresh spring water can be collected.

Also check out this unique database of springs around the world where one can gather one’s own fresh, clean drinking water straight from the source:


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